Thursday, July 14, 2005

It rains here

It might sound odd that I would notice the rain, but I just came out of living in the desert called California. It never rains in the summer in California. It did this year this past June and the state goes into a tizzy.

It rains here. We are getting the leftover's of Dennis. It's nice rain. Warm summer rain. Muddle puddles. Mud puddles everywhere.

The electric went out as I sat working in our garage. I am trying to set up my office. This building, the garage with two offices, stands but it is not finished.
Do contactors actually finish their work? There is a roof, doors and walls. No drywall. I thought I would have my walls painted by now and my furniture rearranged a few times. But no problem, because there is no furniture. I made phone calls by candlelight, this morning till the lights came back on.

Our stuff is still in transit. I call and speak so sweetly to Josh, the moving van driver. He promise to be here on Saturday. I know the reckless delay is not his fault, but he is the only one I can speak to. The owner of this company won't take my calls. He is out making more money, misleading more people. I chose this company because the owner did the estimate and said he was always available during our move. Now, he won't take my calls, passes me on to his bulldog wife, who demands more money and passes me on to the scheduler who continues to lie and has few answers....
Once we receive our goods and overpay their increased ransom payment, I am going to gleefully write the Better Business Bureau, Michael Finny on your side, (local TV consumer reporter), the Home and Garden Network Garden Message Board, the CUP and anything and everything else I can think of to report my consumer dissatisfaction for this dishonest moving company. I am so ready to rant.....

Calmly, I listen to the rain and like it. The hills are green, the ponds are full and there are the most interesting mushroom growing everywhere.


Blogger Miz said...

Don't forget a free Geocities website with the title of WHATEVER MOVERS ARE A RIPOFF! The right meta tags and anyone googleing the company will get that page first.

11:47 PM  
Blogger kenju said...

So sorry to hear you are having trouble; at least you have the rain and mushrooms to occupy your time while you are waiting.

Do report them to anyplace you can - people like that need to be told on!

12:13 PM  
Anonymous pheel said...

I was just reading thru your entertaining blog after being led from the LA Times article and was thinking of your moving woes.

What has worked for myself in the past is to contact the Consumer Complaints department within the Attorney Generals office in the state of where the company (that you are having problems with) does business. Usually there might be a phone message telling you what to do - there was in Sacramento. Different states have different procedures.

Basically, give your info, tell your problem (extortion by the movers?), show any paperwork, their responses (paper responses are best) and what you would like the Attorney General's office to do.

I have used this in the past (usually service items - fix my tape deck, phonograph, etc.) and have had excellent success. The AG has TEETH and can shutdown a business if they cannot defend the accusations. The Better Business Bureau can only make a "bad guy" list that no one ever looks at.

Years ago I had a tape deck worked on under an "all included" contract in Berkeley. They couldn't fix it after months. I insisted they send it to the manufacturer. They did but then wanted more money afterwards. I said hang on to it and wrote the AG. Several weeks later I got a call from the owner cursing me about being investigated by the AG and to "come and get my deck!” Apparently they have young lawyers that investigate each case and will shutdown businesses if wrong doing is going on. A lawyer called me several times during this process to see if it was resolved yet. I was impressed.

I hope this might work for you as well. I would like to know if it did. Best of luck!


1:30 PM  

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