Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Packing my blues away

I keep packing and I am still at 80% done.
It's more stuff than my eye could see.
15 years of stuff. I found some great stuff though, that I forgot I had.
I have some old posters of clowns and wine.
I going to learn about them, so I can sell them.

On this system, I am on dial up now, so it takes longer to post.
DSL cancelled my service on the day I asked them to cancel it for the day I move.
They can't change it, so I'm SOL for the week.
I will try to post some new pics soon.
I took some great ones.

I am collecting seeds for Red Oak Hollow. I am lucky because my spring flowers are passing and they are giving me a little bit of themselves to carry on in Tennessee.

My husband had his Tractor delivered. He is in man toy heaven.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wisteria: I stumbled across your blog because I'm a gardener in search of a buyer! Your photos and writings are great, and any inspiration for selling a garden, along with a home, are much appreciated. We are kindred spirits~~~would love to be e-pals! Mary Ellen

9:39 PM  

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