Thursday, July 07, 2005

Flowers to go....

How does a garden travel? Posted by Picasa

My California garden was not packed and shipped. The best I did was collect seeds and packaged them in simple white envelopes. Our belongings still haven't left California. They may get shipped next week. I am beside myself, because I picked the lousy moving company.

I won't lament. There is nothing I can do, till I receive our goods.

I do want to plant a few seeds. Now, it looks like I will have to wait till September. The August heat will not be good for seedlings, if I was so lucky to get seedlings.

Of course, I had to buy a few plants. At the swap meet, I purchased two yellow Butterfly bushes, "Honeycomb" Buddelia davidil. I haven't seen yellow ones before. They can grow to 6 feet. I transferred them to one gallon pots. We ordered 5 yards of dirt, that may be delivered on Saturday. I have already changed my expectations of things, should does not always work, may seems more promising.

I will be neck high in dirt, depending on where and how we make the dirt pile. The dirt will keep me happy till my seeds arrive.


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