Monday, July 11, 2005

Fragrant Memory

I miss my roses. This is Fragrant Memory, a hybrid tea rose. As Pink as pink can be. It was the only rose that I was able to grow from a clipping. I have tried many times, and just once it worked. I remembered I used root tone. There are two of these bushed in his garden, one in a wine barrel and the other against the fence in a raised bed.

Yes, the dirt did come. Around 5 yards, it's quite the pile. We tarped it because we are getting hit with the rains from Dennis. It is suppose to rain all week.

The best garden buy ever, was at our swap meet; 10 cent seeds, from 2005 season.
We bought 114 packets, of sunflowers, vegetables, herbs and annuals. A shoe box full of seeds. I am in my glory. I sorted them last night. Some I will be able to plant this month and next, some in September and the rest next spring. My mind is whirling on when and where.

I did plant some seeds last summer here at Red Oak Hollow and a few are coming back, a few cosmos and red amaranth. The bush hogging eats wildflower. I need to establish flower beds. I hope to start working on it this coming week end.

The good news is that the moving van left California on Sunday. I may see our stuff on Thursday. I miss all the stuff, the recharge cord to my camera, my work control book, the large bird cage. All the stuff I thought I could easily live 10 days without. I was right, but it's now pushing 20 days and I wait for it to appear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like a lovely rose!
I live in Canada and we have
problems sometime with plants
but more as you seem to have
with services done well and
on time.
A Friend.

3:48 PM  

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