Sunday, June 26, 2005

We have arrived

This is the view of from our mountain.
Right from the Sewanee overlook.

We drove for 3 days, 12 and 14 hour days.
Everyone did well, except for my husband's back.
The bird loved the journey. He chirped often and enjoyed the constant attention.
Daisy was excellent traveler. I put her doggie bed in a large wooden wine crate and she was happy with her space. Sierra, the cat slept all the way in her crate. She had the hardest time.
Cats hate change. She is still hiding in our bedroom, but is using her box and eating.

It was long but an easy journey. It is so nice to have our small cottage waiting here for us.
Our belongings are still on the road. We are both taking the next week off, to adjust to our new home.


Blogger srp said...

Glad you made it ok.
I have been at that spot and looked out over towards Alabama. Sewanee (school) has a webcam that looks over the quad. I never could get Nyssa to go stand there so I could see her. Even though she will not be returning this fall, I will probably keep checking the view there.

Her favorite restaurant is Don Pablos in Murfreesboro.

11:08 PM  
Blogger Miz said...

Hello from California, we miss you already. I'm happy you all made it in one piece. Poor kitty, she will need a few days to get her bearings. Charge up the batteries and get busy with the camera, there is a garden to plan. Of course, getting the furniture in the house first might be nice.

12:28 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Just found your site today. Congratulations on making it to Tennessee. I'm in VA. I have been enjoying your pictures and your words so much. We have just under three acres, much of it woods. I'm playing gardener, mostly weeder right now. lol Thanks for your site. I'm glad you kept it going after selling the house :)


12:33 PM  
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