Sunday, July 24, 2005

Here's looking at happiness

They are looking at the pond. My husband is showing them the little technique to keep it running and the fish happy and healthy. They are the new gardeners! We have kept in touch and they love the place! Our former home is their happy home. The garden is in good hands!

For those of you who came across this blog and want to know more on how to help sell your property thru blogging, please scroll down to the beginning. I started this blog in March. The beginning, like in any story is the best place to start. I learned a great deal about blogging, my garden and my life thru this process. It's not easy. It is not for everyone. You need a great camera. I have a Sony Digital Camera Mavica, 5.0 mega pixels. The camera is great on close-ups. You also need copy and copy comes from your heart. How do you feel about your place. Can and do you want to share that?

Take this simple test. Go find your egg timer. Set it for three minutes. Start talking about your house, in an honest, inviting way. Do you find what you are saying interesting? Can you talk for three minutes on this subject? Write a paragraph about your porch, your garden, the stove....whatever. Does it sound like prose or does it sound like an MLS listing? Do you really want to do this?

Real estate blogging is the opposite of real estate staging. We had a stager come in. She was good. She helped me make our bathrooms look bigger and I took about 80% of her advice and employed it in the staging of the house. I also spent around $400 total in the updating the look of the house.

Back to my point, blogging is the opposite of staging. Staging takes your personal relationship to the house out of the buyer's mind. It lightens, opens and simplifies the space, so they can see themselves in it; their stuff, their style.
Blogging shares your passion. Hopefully, it is so contagious that the first lookers are hooked.
They want the place to go create their enjoy all your hard work.....

Begin reading this blog at the beginning. Yes, it's over 150 entries. I will be closing this blog down and moving on to my other two. My Daisy Mae has developed a following and will have her own blog. Red Oak Hollow will be my next gardening and country living blog. I plan to work on it later today, during the heat of the day. It might be near 100 today. I want to get some bulbs planted. I need to work before the heat hits.


Blogger Sindy said...

I read your article in the LA Times today. I paint watercolor portraits of people's homes, pets, gardens, children and more. I wanted to check it out so I went to your blog. I don't know a lot about blogging but your photographs are gorgeous. I would love to paint any one of them! If you have any interest, please check out my website at or (opening soon). P.S. What a great blog!

2:55 PM  
Blogger Miz said...

I have enjoyed this blog since I stumbled across it. The photos of the flowers and the pics of the charming Miss Daisy Mae has made it a daily check in. See you at Red Oak Hollow!

4:35 PM  
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