Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Best Memories we leave behind

Rusty and Molly at our camping spot Posted by Hello

This photo was on one of old disposable cameras. My husband shot the rest of the roll and had it developed and just sent the photo's to me. This shot is a wonderful gift. I took the photo. I don't remember taking it, but I know I did because my dogs always responded to me.

The photo is at least two years old. Rusty passed away in July of 2003 and Molly in May of 2004. Our Shelties were great dogs and they loved each other dearly.
They loved our camping trips up to the High Sierras. We had one spot that we returned to each year. We went for 15 years. Rusty and Molly are buried there, side by side. They have a good view overlooking their favorite little lake. Good- bye, good doggies, good -bye.


Blogger srp said...

They are absolutely beautiful. We never leave our memories behind, they are in our hearts and go with us always.

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