Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Closer , the better to see you my dear

Memorable lines from little Red Riding Hood.... Posted by Hello

Just popped into my mind , the scariest lines from my chidhood reading..

Now I can't seem to get enough close ups of flowers.
This simple mum shows off it tubular petals.
I have the mums right next tot the fish pond

The house is now his!. I signed the papers yesterday, he signs tommorrow.
I move in two weeks. The closer it gets the better it feels.
It still surprises me that when I tell people that I am moving to Tennessee, they say WHY?
They are not asking why, they are just saying WHY?
Californians are suppose to be the most liberal folks around, but they are very narrow in their outlook on life.

I have too many stories to tell on how rude some folks have been to me, when I have told them about our plans. It shows me that they are living life with blinders on.
I had someone say to me on Sunday," I guess it's good, that there are other parts of the country that people want to live."


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