Sunday, June 05, 2005

Better than a glass of orange juice

How Orange is orange? Posted by Hello

I like brights! They sock it to you!
It has more kick than a large glass of Vitamin C.

They can be a little difficult to work into a bouquet.
I made a great bouquet the other day with this orange lily and red roses and lemon verbena.
I will post of photo of that bouquet soon. It is quite striking sitting on our mantle.

Somebody asked me if I will continue to post at my new home in Sewanee.
Oh yes! I caught the shutterbug.
It really makes me happy to take these tight closeups of my garden. I wish I could go thru life and see everything this close and intriguing.

I will have 30 acres to take close-ups of. I will have a whole new landscape to plant. I can't wait to have the space to really make mistakes.


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