Saturday, June 04, 2005

Geranium rustler

Pelargonium, common geranium Posted by Hello

I am plant rustler. It is highly encouranged in most gardening circles. It's a snip here and a snip there, run home put it in water and see if roots.

Rustling encourages me to walk the dog. If I know I can snip and be home within 10 minutes, I feel like an accomplished multi-- tasker. Years ago, when this garden first started and I use to walk our shelties, with clippers in my pockets. Clean fast snips!

At least ten years ago, I snipped these pretty white and pink outlined geraniums. Can't even remember when and where. I also snipped some basic all pink and all orange geraniums from some large bushes that were really neglected a few blocks away. I figured if they grow with neglect, I could do that. Those plants cover a long stretch of crappy soil along a portion of our fence. Geraniums like poor dirt; like dogs like decomposing fish guts. They revel in what others abhor. Perfect synergy.


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