Thursday, June 02, 2005

The nicest words I ever heard.....

Morning Glory: Star of the Garden Posted by Hello

"Wisteria, I really enjoy your pictures and commentary about your little corner of the world. Your words are just as lovely as your pictures. If you should ever happen to write a gardening essay book (which I would encourage you to do) I think you would have a bestseller!!!" Cathleen

These kinds words left on my blog, made me feel just like this flower. I can't express it better than posting this photo.

Now, if you ever plan to plant Ipomoea acuminata, more commonly know as
Blue Dawn Perennial Morning Glory make sure that you love it.
It will take over your fences and your neighbor fences. It will jump across the garden and you will find it co- mingling with honeysuckle and trumpetvine. It will snake up trees and entangle it self and bring the branches of the plum tree down, so the squirrels will have a better chance of feasting on the fruit. Blue Dawn may make you say "OH Heavens, what have I planted.!"

It is fast growing, as fast as my DSL was suppose to be; 15 -30 feet in a season. The bright blue flowers fade to pink and are more interesting as they age, just like us gals.


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