Monday, May 16, 2005

The Road Less traveled

The Road Less traveled at Red Oak Hollow Posted by Hello

We were lucky to have found land that was previously lived on.
They had a home, it burned down to the ground 8 years ago.
They let the land go, with only an occasional bush hogging.
But they had cleared around 8 acres, had a road in to the home site and a path that wrapped around thru the woods. Two creeks, three ponds, a back meadow that we already planted with soy beans is waiting for me.


Blogger Mia, the Nature Nut said...

It looks very peaceful there, you are lucky. Just think of all the woodland plants you can plant.

LOL about you selling the garden, ahead of the house. Actually, I sold my old house (and garden) 2 years ago to people that claimed to be gardeners.

Unfortunately, they were not. Everytime I drive by my old garden , I feel sad. To think that I used to give garden tours ...

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