Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sweet Smell of Success

Honeysuckle, small flowers that come in big plants Posted by Hello

It's official, the garden is pending sale.
The first person who looked at it was the right person.
I know he will tend to it and make it better and most of all, make it his own.

The Sweet Smell of success is best represented by the Japanese Honeysuckle, which cover 2/3 of the fence. It was one of the first vines we bought along with the Trumpet vines. Soon it bloomed, but as I recall it took a few years to develop the fragrance that I desired.

My first perfume was Honeysuckle from Avon. It went out of fashion, and Avon brought it back as a Retro scent. If I remember correctly, it is a perfume from 1966. In 1966, I was a teen and thought the smell of honeysuckle was exotic. I wore it for a few years. I had no idea of what honeysuckle was and that someday I would have it grow rampant in my garden.

It is such a pleasant scent and such an interesting flower. Up close. Look up close and it is more than you would expect . It is a vase holding it's own flower. How charming is that!


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