Friday, May 13, 2005

Take a second look

Angel Bunny gets the biggest reaction Posted by Hello

It's been really great that people on this blog and on HGTV message board and and On Live Journal on their gardening message board have responds to this blog. Their kind words have really meant a lot to me.

Many people commented about Angel Bunny. She weirds them out. I never before noticed but "Yes indeed, she is odd." It's a cherub statue with a rabbit head. I think it is the naked body with crossed legs that is so unsettling for some folks. From the side view, she seems less strange. We loved her, when we first saw her in Eureka Springs, AK. If you ever been to Eureka Springs, you know it's a little odd for Arkansas. It's a cute town, with an artistic bent. We felt at home, love the town and consider moving there.

I'll try to find another Angel Bunny on the web. If I do, I will post where. Some folks love her and want one.

Moving on: Other people really understood what I attempting to do with the blog. They understand it better than I did.

whitedove1 wrote" A labor of love being sold. I can feel her pain and anxiety of who will end up with her earthly baby." Hit me with a dose of reality. Exactly! This is what I have been feeling.

The house sold immediately. It is being bought by the right guy. He grows orchids and does wood working with his down time. He loves the garden. He will make it his own. I'm sure they will be great garden parties.

I will be moving in a month to our land in Tennessee, Red Oak Hollow.
I will keep blogging.
A little bit more of the California garden and a little bit of Red Oak Hollow.


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