Saturday, May 14, 2005

I will share a little secret

Plants in my office Posted by Hello

When we had the stager come in, the first thing she commented on was the first thing she saw.
Our front door leads directly into one bedroom, that I use as my office. She wanted the first look to be the best and she didn't appreciate that I had my HP fax machine sitting there.
She suggested plants. Plants I can easily do. I did one better. I took my plants and dress them up a bit.

Now, I have tried to raise orchids. Every year I buy them either at the San Francisco orchid show or at the local Farmer's Market. They survive but never bloom again for me.
So, I went to Michael's and JoAnn's craft and floral store and bought some silk orchids and placed them in the real orchid pots. The orchids are real in my house, the flowers are not.
I have a couple of orchids in the master bedroom, very romantic and one in the bathroom, the mirrors makes it really pop.

My real estate agent thought they were real, so has everyone else......Except for the buyer.
He raises orchids.He knew by the plants leaf that that it wouldn't produce that type of flower.
I even left the plastic identifier tag in the pot. I thought I was so smart.
We laughed. Busted!!

But I highly recommend dressing up your orchids. Unless you can grow them.

He plans to do so in the greenhouse he is getting with our house.
Happy ending to all.


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