Friday, May 13, 2005

California Tree Hugger

If trees could talk ... Posted by Hello

It's the texture of trees that hold me spellbound. It's their girth and height that keep me rooted to this earth. Of all things growing, trees have the biggest effect on me.

This is a close up of one of the pines that we have on our hill. I suspect the trees are older than the house. The house is 48 years old. The trees are tall. I can't really judge height. 40 Feet?
There is at least 9 substantial ones on our hillside. We do nothing to them but watch them grow slowly. They anchor the hill. The provide shade and a playground for the squirrels. They allowed us to feel that we lived in nature.

When my husband and I started to look for property, we were very vague on what we wanted. We wanted water. Not the ocean, more like a lake. But to buy lake- front property, is pretty rare and very expensive. Most lake front property is a strip. We wanted space, not a strip of property that ran down to the lake. What we really wanted was our own lake. What we really needed was a pond.

We both knew we wanted trees. Not the scrub oaks of California, not the transplanted eucalyptus trees from Australia, not even the pines. We wanted trees with leaves that changed color. We wanted dense green canopy. We wanted dogwood blooms, red bud punch. We knew we needed to move out of state. If only for the trees.......


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