Saturday, May 14, 2005

Rocks and plants from other places

Rocks from Napa Valley, Plants from South Africa Posted by Hello

We brought the rocks from Napa Valley. We took them right out of an open field.
They were in the way for the annual bush hogging. We may have saved them their blades. Yes, we knew the owners of the field.

We drove the 50 miles back to our home, carried them up the hill and worked them in the land. Most Californians would have just bought them at the local rock store. We did price them out. We said "They must have rocks in their head to charge that much for rocks."

The little coral colored plants came from Chimney Rock winery's garden. The previous owner of the winery, came from South Africa and she told me that was where the little plants came from. They muitlply easily given the right semi shady conditions. They are perky and bright. I use to work for the winery and one of the first things I did was to get to know their full time gardener. He appreciated that I appreciated his work and he gladly potted up roses, butterfly bush and other plants for me. It was one of the little perks that was there for the asking . It pays to be perky.


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