Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Pink so Pink it smells Pink

Fragrant Memory Posted by Hello

This rose was one of my first roses purchased. I do remember the details, when I was planning my rose garden over 14 years ago. I love garden catalogues and Jackson Perkins is one of the best. I thumbed thru many catalogue but I didn't know where to start; what criteria would I use. I was planning to buy 6 roses. I wanted to have a theme.

Scent! That is what lead me to roses.

Stop and smell the roses! How many times have we heard that and how many times we ignore the act and it's meaning. Why are we in such a hurry? When did it become an honor badge to be too busy to do anything we want to do? Roses are my way of slowing down.

I do go out to the garden and just smell a beautiful rose. Fragrant Memory always come true.
It's a perfect pink color. It is Hybrid Tea rose, the most popular class of rose. The flowers are large and shapely and produce one flower on a stem. I have two Fragrant Memory bushes.
One I bought and one I grew from a cutting. It is the most rewarding gardening act, I have been able to accomplish. One year, I placed a cutting in water. It took. I planted it in a pot and then in the garden. It sounds so simple, but I have never been able to do it again. It's mostly like the time element. I am just to busy or so I think..


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