Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Soft as cashmere hug

Graceland: Yellow Rose of Tennessee Posted by Hello

My husband prefers the color yellow. When I ask him what color should I get, in regards to any new plant, piece of clothing, ect. He says yellow. Sometime I buy yellow, so he won't mind me buying something new, that I really don' t need. I am a redhead and yellow may not be my best color. I have a great deal of yellow thru out the garden.

Yellow is a flower being happy. Yellow roses are the happiest roses in the garden.
I have two yellow roses; Graceland and SunFlare, both Floribundas. Graceland is softer in color and more generous with blooms. I don't know if Graceland comes from Tennessee, but I am sure it was named after the King .


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