Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Rural Life is lived, not discussed

Rural Life just 20 miles from San Francisco Posted by Hello

Rural life is lived: not discussed, not thought about, not outlined or drawn, not listed or accounted for: nor even written. It is spoken and done and danced and handled and sung and built, but these forms are significant only in the doing and the recalling of the doing of them: they have no life of their own beyond the living. For this reason rural life is fragile, evanescent, vanishing: it the moment it is grasped it disappears. Today as it is being grasped and handled and interpreted, it is most susceptible of disappearing. At best, we can peek around the corner, step through the gate, smell the distant sweetness of horses in the wind, but we cannot hold or turn it around and look at it or say what we know before thought ever rises to speech.
Excerpted from writings of Rev. Jerry Smith Sewanee, Tennessee

You can find your rural life just a few miles from city life. It really is in sight. It all depends on your frame of mind. It simply is your hands in dirt and your eyes resting on a rose petal or a bird in flight. It is the fragrance captured by rain, bouncing off jasmine and roses. It's neighbors with horses, rabbits or goats. It's a fenced in backyard large enough for Great Danes or Yorkshire Terriers. It's deer paths that are used daily by a trio of deer. It's a fish pond, with gold fish and frogs. It's here. It can be yours.


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