Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Meaning of Flowers

Flowers are meaningful to us. They light up nature and the deep recesses of our mind.
If you love somebody what do you give them on special occasion? Flowers!
If you really love somebody what do you give them for no reason at all ? Flowers!
If you want to make somebody happy for the rest of their life, what do you give them? A Garden!!!!!

I found an interesting list of some popular garden flowers and their meanings. I highlighted in green the flowers that can be found in this garden. Imagine the interesting bouquets that you could make for your family and friends.

Alstroemeria: Devotion and friendship
Alyssum: Worth beyond beauty
Anemone: Unfading love
Apple Blossom: Good Fortune
Artemisia: Dignity
Baby’s Breath: Everlasting Love
Calla Lily: Magnificent Beauty
Camellia: Perfected Loveliness
Carnation: Pride and Beauty, Fascination
Carnation (striped): Refusal
Carnation (yellow): Disappointment
Cyclamen: It’s over, goodbye
Daffodil: Unrequited Love
Daisy: Innocence
Forget-me-not: Memories
Foxglove: Insincerity
Gardenia: Secret Love
Gladioli: Sincerity
Heather (pink): Good Luck
Jasmine: Cheerful & Graceful
Lilac: First sign of love
Lily: Purity of Heart
Lily (white): Purity & sweetness
Lily (orange): Hatred
Lily of the Valley: Return of Happiness
Marigold: Cruelty or Jealousy
Mums (white): Truth
Mums (yellow): Slighted
Orange Blossom: Marriage and Fruitfulness
Orchid: Beauty
Peony: Shame or Happy marriage
Queen Anne’s Lace: Fantasy
Red Rose: Passionate Rose
Rudbeckia: Justice
Sweet Pea: Good by
Violet: Modesty
Yellow Daylilies: Coquetry
Zinnia (burgundy): Lasting Affection
Zinnia (mixed): Thoughts of absent friends


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