Tuesday, April 26, 2005

If you pass the color purple in a field

The Color Purple Posted by Hello
"If you pass the color purple in a field and you don't notice , God gets really pissed off."
Alice Walker

I do love the color purple in a garden. What could be more awakening, more alive?
I have it splashed thru out the garden. Here is a patch of unidentified chrysanthemum. I bought a pot of them at K-Mart one summer. I just liked their color and petals. If you look closely they are like little spokes . One small pot has increased in size and it fills a corner of the bed.

There are about 160 species of chrysanthemum, mostly native to China, Japan and. Europe. I don't know anything specific about this plant, another than I noticed it's unusual petals. I call it my K-Mart special, because I have never found it in another nursery or garden shop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the website...beautiful garden. I don't think you'll have any problem selling this house!

I do believe that is some sort of African Daisy actually. I have some that look exactly like.


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