Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Singing in the rain

Singing in the Rain strikes a chord with me Posted by Hello

I have two orange rose bushes. Boy, am I understating them. Neither are orange, they are sunsets in motion. Singing in the Rain is a Floribunda. I bought it because I love the musical and this flower is so aptly named. The other Floribunda is Brass Band and it has more intense color.

All my roses are in wine barrels. They are my days of wine and roses.
I pamper my roses. They are truly worth the time and effort.
They are in wine barrels so I can easily feed them and it keeps the critters from coming close.

A good friend of mine said that if there is reincarnation, she wants to come back as one of my pets. They live a great life. If I could come back, I would be a rose in my garden.


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