Sunday, May 22, 2005

Free flowers each year

Mexican Evening Primrose Posted by Hello

Best plant for your bucks. I bought a pot or two of these four or five years ago.
They need very little water, but I tend to overwater them and they get taller than they should. It's pretty pink all over the stairs and the path around the fish pond. I walk on them. Daisy Mae looks lost in them.

Now this plant is Oenothera.berlandieri or commonly called Mexican Evening Primrose. It blooms during the daytime. Go figure. It certainly thrives with little or no care once established. Can be invasive if not controlled, although I can't image that this light hearted pink flower would not be wanted. It doesn't transplant well, but it self seeds so easily.


Blogger Miz said...

I use the Mexican Primrose with Oregano as a border between the fence and sidewalk where the soil is terrible and rocky. They both thrive and fill the ugly spot well. I enjoy reading your blog, hope your new home and garden bring you much joy.

12:40 AM  

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