Sunday, April 10, 2005

Nasty Nasturtiums

Color Riot; The Nasties Break Loose Posted by Hello

Each year the nasties return. Each year they sprawl along the garden path. I weed between them to give them the best chance at life. Nasturtium have their distinctive appearance, with rapid growth and easy culture. They are perfect worker plant. Once you plant a few seeds, they volunteer to be in the garden each and every year. I love volunteers. Lucky for me, when I leave California, I am moving to the Volunteer State.

Nasturtiums are edible. I decorate a mix baby green salad with them. No, they don't taste like chicken. People always tell you that the weird thing they want you to eat taste like chicken.
Rattlesnake is the weirdest thing I have eaten, and yes, it does take like chicken.
Nasturiums taste peppery and they are pretty. Don't pick them out of the salad!


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