Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What's the Buzz?

I had this creative plan to get gardeners to get buzzing about this garden. I have placed high hopes on this blog. I want it to create interest first and foremost and then afterwards provide a history of the garden for it's next caretaker.

My efforts to record my memories have been a mixed blessing.
I am growing nostalgic as I reminisce. It's okay. I know I am going on to a better place.
No, I am not dying, I am moving on to 30 acres in Tennessee. I am also inheriting a garden.
The former owner of our Tennessee property planted flowers everywhere, on 8 cleared acres. Today, I was told there are 1,000 daffodil's in bloom on our property. Even if that is an exaggeration, those daffodils could fill many vases.

I hope this blog will help the next person identify the bulbs that will be popping up next spring.
I would wait one entire year to give witness to this garden. I wouldn't pull a thing, other than weeds. I wouldn't plant a thing, till September. I would dig carefully in the main garden, there isn't much left unplanned.

The hillside is an nearly an open canvas. The hillside has a huge iris patch, easy to identify. It has one fruite tree,a White Peach tree. Yes, we did get some peaches one year. It also has a massive Oleander in a pretty peach color and a smaller Oleander in white. In one corner, there is a giant Prickly Pear Cactus that bears enough fruit that you could go in business, making prickly pear cactus jelly. Vinca minor growing restlessly on the top of the hill. A few patches of daffodils, some spearmint, some succulents and a half dozen 40 foot pine trees completes the picture.

We don't water the hillside. It's like a a rambunctious teenager that has decied to live on it's own. It's doing well. The plants hold up the hillside and they add color. There are two deer paths that are used daily. The deer have enough to eat out here, that they just cruise thru. Nothing is better than to be working in my office and see a trio of deer just walking by. A week ago, I saw two possums walking along the deer path. They were on their way somewhere, but then they were just passing by. God, they are ugly. I hadn't seen possum for over ten years here. Yeah, I know in Tennessee, they would have been considered dinner.

My very favorite wildlife critter is red fox. We had a pair that lived in the open spaces around here. I haven't seen them in a few years. We have video tape of them mating on our hillside. It was amazing that we were able to film them, the first year we move here.
I love red fox. Everyday that I had the good luck to see one, I would consider it a lucky day.
I named one Blaze and the other one Sizzle. Yes, they are wildlife, but it doesn't stop me from naming them. I think with all the new construction that is happening here, it is limiting their space. They may have moved on. Red fox need about 3 miles to call their own. Their is still a lot of open space around here, but the big homes are moving in.....


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