Saturday, May 07, 2005

MY Mother's Day Card

My Mother's Day card: my two favorite things

I snapped this picture on Tuesday. I needed a floral bouquet for a trade wine tasting. Some of the wineries like to make the best first impression their tables. Most wineries go to the florist or have a bouquet delivered.

I go to my garden and do one of my favorite things; make a floral arrangement of the flowers I grew. I can choose the color, the size, the scent, the vase. Since, I bow down to roses, I let them call to me and say "Pick Me today! I am the most beautiful. I need to go somewhere and show off!"

Tuesday, Heirloom won hands down. It's the most concentrated lavender bloom I have ever seen. It hold it color long. It is a Hybrid Tea Rose, but it blooms in a bunch like a Floribunda. I still have some of the bouquet doing well in vase in my office, five days later.

The bouquet also has lavender , Beared Iris, Mexican sage, statice, and a beautiful bell flower five star petal blue purple flower that I am growing in abundance in front of the fish pond. I don't know the names of everything I have planted. Sometimes in this blog, I will just describe rather than name the plants.

Now, if you have seen this blog before, you know that my other favorite thing, ( sorry for calling her a thing) is my Daisy Mae. I have only had her since August and I have never been so in love with a dog before. She is absolutely wonderful. Her only fault is that she is too friendly....Can you be too friendly? She need to say hello to everybody, doesn't matter if they are five house down the street and they are just getting out of their car. She has even jumped into a car just to get more pets, luckily she was on a long leash and the woman thought she was the cutest thing.

So I am Daisy Mae's Mom and today we are going to have some fun.


Blogger The Light Fantastic said...

Awwwwwwww. I am so in love with my beagle Max. Congratulations on the house.

9:50 AM  

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