Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Oh, What a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day....

Cherry Parfait Posted by Hello

Here is your desert, first thing in the morning.

Cherry Parfait, one of the newest rose additions to the garden I call "The Endless Days of Wine & Roses". I have over a dozen long stemmed roses growing in wine barrels, directly from Napa Valley and Home Depot.

Cherry Parfait is one of the prettiest rose ever........ It is a Grandiflora, simply identified as a red and white. Grandifloras are derived from a crosses between hybrid teas and floribundas.

Parfait is a desert made of cream, eggs, sugar, ad flavoring frozen together and served in a tall glass. The word parfait comes from the Old French word Perfect and from Latin, perfectus.
Now you know why someone named this very rose, Cherry Parfait. It's Perfect!


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