Sunday, May 08, 2005

Announcing .....Announcing....MY GARDEN IS FOR SALE

Blood Red Trumpet Vine Posted by Hello

YIKES! Today the house is listed in the local papers as a coming soon.
Tomorrow it is officially listed in the MLS.

My garden, my love, and my charming house will be up for sale.

Let the Trumpet Vine announce the news!

How perfect for a trumpet vine! He finally has a job, fitting for his unique stature in the garden.
The trumpet vine is a spectacular vine for mild climates. It climbs by tendrils and it has trumpet shaped flower. It can easily grow to 20 -30 feet tall. This garden's trumpet vine was one of the first plants, planted along the redwood fence that my husband built. The fence was the first home and yard project. We had a frisky Sheltie puppy when we move here. Rusty, best doggie in the world and later his galpal Molly. Sweet Molly passed away last Mother's day. She was only 12. The hardest thing about pets is that they have a shorter life span than we do. Okay, I am digressing, but Molly still brings tears to my eyes.

The point is that I find it hard to believe that the trumpet vines is over 15 years old. Yes, It has grown to massive length. It covers a third of the fence and sneaks it's way into the honeysuckle.
It took at least five years for it's first bloom. I though it would never bloom. It was worth the wait. The cluster of 4 inch long, trumped shaped flowers stand out well from the vine. The color is captivating; orange red fading into bluish red with yellow throat. Flowers appear in bursts throughout the yeast when the weather warms. It is the number one vine to attract hummingbirds.


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