Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Living in Limbo

This in between is driving me nuts.
I hate it.
I have mini breakdowns every other day.

Moving is stressful. I feel like I am moving by myself, because I am.

My husband took a job in Tennessee in March and we wanted to see how it would work out before we moved. It was the net under this tight rope, we call changing our lives.

His job is working out and I can do mine in any location. I sold the house and now am picking out a mover and packing the house.

The only thing I do enjoy is watering the garden, taking more photos and blogging and of course my pets. If I didn't have pets, I would be jumping of the GG bridge by now.

Our well thought out master plan did have a big flaw; stress and loneliness.

In one month, I should be there and not here. Here was good, but now it belongs to the new owners. It's limbo, the place unbaptized babies go. They are not bad, but not good enough to go to heaven. Never quite bought into that Catholic concept as a child. I don't know if the Catholic church still preaches it. Limbo borders hell, moving borders limbo.


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