Monday, May 02, 2005

Iris, first plants we planted in our garden

One week from today my garden goes up for sale Posted by Hello

Iris was the first plant we planted in our garden. 15 years ago we carved out a small circle in the center of the garden and planted two dozen rhizomes and we thought we were something.
That circle has been redesigned a few time now. Some of those irises survived and have been relocated to other plots. I have good gathering of iris at the base of the Crepe myrtle tree.
I have some around the New Zealand Tea tree. I have some in front of the birdbath.
But the majority of the iris patch is located up the hill on the naturalized part of the garden.

Up the hill, is left to nature. We don't water it. How many iris? Countless.
A few were in bloom today, a few more yesterday and probably by the end of the month, most of them will be. Plants don't hurry. They take their time.


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