Saturday, April 30, 2005

Yellow columbine brightens the day

Better than pills... Posted by Hello

The Montelindo Gardening Club Motto:

Digging in your garden
is cheaper than pills.
Planting and growing
will take away ills.
So remember your garden
when you're feeling low
You'll feel much better
when things start to grow.
By Peggy Court

A few years ago, I had the pleasure to belong to a gardening club; The Montelindo Gardening Club. It was great. I learned so much and the members were so generous with their gardens. It takes 30 years to became a good gardener. It's a very long learning curve.
I stopped going, only because I stopped going to the monthly meetings.
I seldom found the time.
I wasn't a very good member, having a full time job.
I can't wait till I can join another gardening club, in our new place.


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