Friday, April 29, 2005

Nature is not a place to visit, it is Home!

Yes, I am finally posting a picture of the house Posted by Hello

Things are moving along. The house and garden will be on the MLS listing May 9th.

The house is painted just two years ago, a pale wisteria, with white trim and gray contrast.
The front of the house has a great palm tree, which we assume was planted over 40 years ago.
The front is very low maintenance, the shrubs get trimmed every other year.
The front flower bed was planted last year with pastel colors of blue, pink, lavender, and white.

The tall plants are Pride of Madeira, Echium fastusum. There are some great photos of this plant, already posted on this blog.

A large pink camellia anchors the garden to the entrance way of the house. It stand six feet and was one of the original plants we kept, when we redesigned the front bed. It is outstanding and starts to bloom in December and continues thru the spring. There are still bloom on it today.

I have lavender lantana in front of the Pride of Maderia and along side of the house. It is a perfect striking accent. Birds are attracted to lantana. It is an evergreen vine shrub.

The front row of the bed is Society Garlic, Tulbaghia.violacea. The leaves are a bluish green, very narrow and can grow to 1 feet long. It grows in clumps and spreads easily. I have over 15 plant and they all were propageted from two plants. The flowers dance in the breeze with their rosy lavender color. Some people don't like the scent, but it does cut down on ants.

Along the steps and right in front of the house, we planted white flowers that are an iris type that were given to me and I cultivated till they filled a six foot planter box. Very low maintenance. When I want more flowers, I simply water them more often.

Next is Lily of the Nile , Agapanthus pops bright blue flowers in mid summer and early fall. It stands right next to the steps and offers a cheery hello.

The porch is tiled and has a landing, that I sometimes place large potted plants on.


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