Friday, May 27, 2005

Chinese Lantern getting ready to open

Chinese Lantern; Abutilon Posted by Hello

Why would they call a plant which is native to South America, Chinese Lantern, Chinese Bellflower and Flowering Maple? Seems very cross cultural, to me.

This is a wonderful plant, with rapid growth and striking flowers. I planted 3 of them; one white, pink and red. The white passed away to plant heaven and in it's place came two volunteers. I replanted my volunteers in the white's spot. Last year, they were too small to flower.
They are doing well. Before I leave, I hope to see what colors they might be.

Chinese Lantern makes a great backdrop. It can grow, up to 10 feet. It blooms from May to August in this garden. Hummingbirds are attracted to it. They stand in front of a wall with a cement base and a depth to the garden.


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