Friday, April 08, 2005

Jasmine, pinwheels of sweet scent

When one thinks of fragrance, jasmine immediately comes to mind Posted by Hello

What could be more fragrant than fragrance itself? Jasmine is planted throughout the garden. Years ago, when I was still single, so I mean years ago. I bought a jasmine plant from a florist in Japantown in San Francisco. I couldn't walk out of the store without it. Luckily it lived long enough that I brought it along, when I married and we bought our home.

The first things my husband built in our yard was a redwood fence. We sectioned off a large part of the hillside and claimed it as the garden. Nothing was there, except for weeds.

He built the fence and gate with two deep flower boxes at it's side. We divided the jasmine that was still in a pot and planted it each flower box. We wanted it to climb the pergola and cover it with massive flowers. The dream came true. Gardening is simply plants, dirt, sun and a plan.

Jasmine fills our house. Snip and fill vases. Snip and start cuttings. There is jasmine in another flower box at the single French door that leads from the back bedroom to the hot tub. Soon that will be in bloom. There is another jasmine near the pond. I wanted to sit at the bench and smell jasmine before me , behind me and all around me.


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