Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Walking under soft puffs of yellow

Lady Banks' Roses on the Garden entrance pergola Posted by Hello

I'll admit it. I am rose crazy. How can a sane person not be crazy about roses? They are everything a flower aspires to be; dramatic, fragrant, colorful and individual. From mini's to hybrid teas, from floribundas to climbing roses, I can never decide my favorite. I do love them all. If anything negative can be said about roses, it must be their thorns. I always wanted a pergola covered with roses, but balked at the idea of brushing next to thorns. Wouldn't you know that the rose world offers the perfect rose; Land Banks' Rose.Two Lady Banks' roses were planted 12 years ago, along side the pergola that leads into the casual country garden. They found the perfect home. "Lutea" are evergreen climbers, with scentless, double yellow flowers. They are early bloomers and sometimes they will bloom twice a season. I have changed the plants that cover their feet, and this winter I planted spotted begonias. So far, so good. They are thriving and will be in shade before the summer sun hits.So today, the garden is a palette of Easter color; the soft yellow of the lady banks' with the contrast of the wisteria, purple mums, African daisy and the delicate pink of breath of heaven.


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