Monday, March 21, 2005

Can Trees Dance?

Tea Tree in full bloom; The Wow Factor!Posted by Hello

As of today, this tea tree in not in bloom. The photo is from April 2004. It's a little teaser for what is in store for the very near future. This year I suspect that the tree will bloom early; early April rather than late April. The tea tree is the most spectacular feature of the garden. I don't take credit for it, since it was already here when we bought the house in 1991. I believe it may be 30 years or older. They don't grow fast.

What captures my mind is the two entwining limbs. They look like they are caressing, slow dancing. Two entities rather than one. The vivid fuchsia flowers make an impressionistic evocation of Tina Turner, with her shocking hair and fantastic legs. At 60 plus, Tina is still dancing and every Spring this tree dances for me.


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