Sunday, March 20, 2005

Last Day of Winter and my Wisteria is in full bloom.

My garden has two distinctive features; a pergola dripping with wisteria and an arbor blanketed with wisteria hanging thru the redwood frame.

The pergola is technically not in the garden, but streetside as a welcoming entrance way to the garden. I planted this wisteria from seed. My father in law sent me some seed from Florida.
Once the seedling was strong enough, I potted it up and it sat for four years, till my husband built the pergola over the front gate. Along the way, I learned that it may take seven years for wisteria to bloom. I questioned the color, white or lavender. I would be happy with either, but wished for lavender. My wish came true and last year was the first bloom, beautiful, fragrant, lavender blooms. This year it covers a quarter of the pergola and drips with sweet scent.

My husband built the arbor ten or twelve years ago, to provide shade and add the feeling of an outdoor room. We bought a three years old wisteria vine from the local nursery. We waited for at least four years till our first bloom. The wait was worth it. There is something wonderful about delayed gratification. Simply said, gardening brings unexpected joy to life.

The wisteria has entangled itself thru out the arbor, it covers 85% of the arbor with intoxicating lavender flowers. We placed our chaise lounge below the arbor . Relaxation is a vacation.
I am not sure of exact species of wisteria, but I believe both are Chinese Wisteria (W.Sinensis).
More information can be found in Sunset Western Garden book, page 524, 1995 edition.

Some people say that wisteria is messy. I am sure they are the same people that say sex, picnics and pet hair is messy. They don't frequent my garden.

I will miss the wisteria the most, along with the tea tree and rose gardens. The wisteria is early this year, at least three weeks. I am going out into the garden to enjoy it's short season. I took photos last Monday of the garden and plan to take more today. As soon as I learn how, I will post them on this blog. I wish you could see the garden for yourself, take a moment and rest your eyes and smell the blooms. Maybe next year you will.


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